The Product

The On-Site Chemical and Biological Division Challenge Inspection E-Learning Tool is a CD-ROM based multi-course application for educating and certifying CWC On-Site Inspectors

Three Course Types

The On-Site Chemical and Biological Division Challenge Inspection E-Learning Tool consists of three separate training courses: *Self Study, *Certification and *Refresher.

The self-study course, would allow the user access to all of the information required for certification or refresher through a non-linear navigational structure. The user could access this information at their convenience until they are ready to take the certification or refresher course.

User Self-Paced

The On-Site Chemical and Biological Division Challenge Inspection E-Learning Tool is user self-paced regardless of which training course is being accessed.

The user can insert the training product disc into a CD or DVD-ROM based PC…and once the user has interacted with the product to the training course selection page, all subsequent activity will be tracked so the user can RESUME from the point from which the disc was ejected.

Certification Certificate

The On-Site Chemical and Biological Division Challenge Inspection E-Learning Tool is full certification courseware. The user can take the certification or refresher courses to receive an official OSC Certificate which would validate the certificate recipient as a viable on-site inspector candidate.

The certification certificates, outside of being visually distinct, also incorporate a code for indicating if a user failed the final exam more than two times.

*The primary differences between the separate courses are: outside of the self-study course being non-linear, it is not tracked…the information can be accessed by module to any section inside that module—but ONLY in Self-Study mode.

The certification and refresher courses are quite different…these courses are strictly linear and LOCKED. Once the user clicks the "Begin Training Now" button, the course MUST be completed—there is no navigational support…only navigational indicators (i.e. - you are here). Until the user has completed either the certification or refresher courses and has PRINTED their certificate, the training courseware interface will NOT be fully functional.

Below are a few screenshots of the product at various points of usage.

Courseware Launch Page

This is the initial launch page with the insertion of the courseware disc in a CD-ROM drive; also with background music.

User Interface (UI)

Basic visual highlights of UI (user interface) features are pointed out for user familiarity before usage.

Required Sign In Page

User is required to SIGN IN in order to MOVE FORWARD; this also personalizes the user experience.

Courseware Home Page

This is the courseware homepage; where the user choses to self-study or elects to take the certification or refresher course.

Course Home Page

The course home page offers an opt out before initiating a course; which would LOCK the courseware until a course is completed.

Course Module Home Page

The course module home page lists the modules available as well as an indicator that diplays whether a user has attempted or completed a module.

Question Indicator

Although the courses are finalized by an exam, while the user is in a course, questions are randomly offered to help reinforce certain key knowledge points.

Incorrect Answer Feedback

When a user is in a courses final exam, wrong answers are not just marked as incorrect. The user receives feedback to why the selected response was incorrect.

Continue Bookmark

Whenever the disc is ejected and reinserted, the user will be able to elect to continue where they left off or return to the beginning of the current module.

Video on a Slide

Although the variety of content varies greatly throughout the courseware, this slide depicts a typical 16:9 video (sorry, no fullscreen feature available).

Start Exam Page

Once a user has completed the certification or refresher course, they MUST take an exam to receive validated certification.

Refresher Exam Results Page

This is how the exam results for either the certification or refresher courses would be depicted after the final exam question is submited.