Captivate EXE verses Flash Projector

Posted on: April 17th, 2012 by Edward No Comments

Now days, there seems to be no limitation to what one can accomplish with Flash, ActionScript and Flash Player 10.whatever.whatever…but what about my needs? Well, what I needed Captivate gave me good…

I’ve been a user of Flash since its first release; back when action script was two words and tweening was a three step process. Well those days are long gone and Flash has become the premiere tool for pretty much any GUI driven platform…but with all of the brilliant software breakthroughs and ActionScript (now one power-word thank you very much) language versions…Flash falls exceeding short in one area…the area that SHOULD get more attention…and that’s the Flash Projector.

Like most Flash developers, I still need to use all the new fangled features Adobe has graced us with over the years, but unlike most Flash developers, my end product is published as an EXE for CD ROM distribution. And Flash, to this day, has no additional features for publishing a projector executable (EXE).

So, you can imagine my jaw-dropping reaction when I went to publish my first Captivate EXE…ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An actual freakin’ Media options dialog box?

So, are you telling me that after years of using third-party apps and resource hackers I can add my own icon and give my project a name that will show in the title bar…somebody bring me a tissue please, I’m getting all misty!

And not that you can tell by the available options in the image above, but when you publish your Captivate EXE, it opens in the center of the desktop; whereas the Flash projector just opens willie-nillie anywhere …see, now I’m really getting emotional [insert crying emoticon here]…

Three MUCH DESIRED and from where I stand now that I’ve seen this in Captivate, simple little things that you JUST CAN’T GET from a Flash projector…a custom icon, a custom title and having the projector open in the center of the desktop…

So, as I asked, what about my needs? I think if Adobe’s babe-in-the-woods Captivate can give me what I need good, why can’t I get the same feel-good-tingly-all-over need fulfilled from my long-time partner Flash Professional?

I have no idea what these guys at Adobe do to make all these wonderful software applications, but it seems to me that Adobe could create a plug-in for Flash that could give us the same options for the projector that we get in Captivate.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, the Captivate EXE “REMOVES THE FILE MENU BAR AND RIGHT CLICK POPOUT MENU…now how cool is that?

And for those of you who think you can export a SWF from Flash and import it as an animation in Captivate an then publish an EXE with all neat little Captivate EXE extras…don’t bother, I already tried…

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