Adobe Creative Cloud…need I say more? Or should I?

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What is Adobe Creative Cloud? Well from the Adobe website you’ll get this…

“Adobe Creative Cloud is a digital hub where you can explore, create, share, and deliver your work using any of the Adobe Creative Suite® desktop tools, Adobe Photoshop® Lightroom® 4*, and new applications like Adobe Muse™ and Adobe Edge preview. Creative Cloud also includes new Internet-based services† and enables the delivery of high-impact content experiences such as interactive websites and stunning digital magazines. By offering connectivity with Adobe Touch Apps‡, headlined by Adobe Photoshop Touch, Creative Cloud enables a mobile workflow, from ideation to publishing, to bring the power of Adobe innovation to iPads and Android™ tablets. Creative Cloud gives you freedom to create, offering immediate and ongoing access to industry-­defining tools and technologies, to serve a vibrant worldwide community of creative talent.”

WOW! Now is that impressive or what? And even though not mentioned, an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription includes ALL Adobe software title upgrades…now that deserves another WOW!

The Adobe Creative Cloud FAQ page is at

But what is Adobe Creative Cloud, really? Well, from where I see it, the short answer is software rental with perks. With all the hoopla, you really have to do a great deal of reading before you realize that you can only use the software as long as you pay your subscription. Well, I guess I exaggerate a bit…to be frank, that information is everywhere…you just have to do a great deal of reading before you actually “get to it”…they say it…and even in an in-your-face-clear-as-a-bell kind of way; commit due diligence reading and you’ll find it…you know, after you read all of the mouse-watering wonderful things Adobe Creative Cloud brings to the table.

And heck yeah! Sure, you can download and install every software title under the Adobe sun—create to your heart’s content…but miss your subscription payment and adios software…

And what’s the big deal about the “cloud” anyway? And I mean in any main-stream form…a cloud platform only means that someone else has your goods…it’s not on your PC/Mac internal hard drive, it’s not on one of the many external hard drives connected to your computer…your “STUFF” on the cloud, whether its software or documents are on a server in who knows where; backup redundantly who knows how many times—and who knows where those servers are? Basically, this means that your data exists in “all those backup instances” where you have to wonder, who watches the watchmen? HMMM!

I’m still confused I guess on how this is appealing…I understand the “work on your documents anywhere on a myriad of devices” concept…and under certain circumstances the cloud (not Adobe Creative Cloud specifically) represents the ultimate solution…but to commit your business framework to it? I admit I may need some counseling to help me grasp how this is a good thing.

I digress, sorry…

So what impact will Adobe Creative Cloud have on us creatives? And I don’t mean those of us who have a job where management cherishes their design department and would pay the subscription without pause…I mean the millions of us who do this as freelance work (and not really lucratively either because it “is” all about the work).

Well, from a certain stand point, the positive points of Adobe Creative Cloud are endless, I give you that; as a graphic artist I totally submit…it’s just that adding another $50 a month to an already strained budget is really a BIG sacrifice…and when most of your clients pay on a 30-day cycle, that could cut real close to missing a subscription payment.

And what if it does cut too close? …OMG! I can’t renew my cloud subscription…then you start to think, if only I had purchased the software license…at least I’d still have my software to do my freelance work…

But wait, there’s more to consider…at some point Adobe Creative Cloud applications and the traditional software licensed versions are “not” going to be the same product…meaning, unless you have the cloud version of the software, there will be capabilities you won’t be able to utilize—now tell me, how can this NOT SUCK?! What’s a creative to do? Is Adobe forcing us into the cloud corner?

Adobe’s Creative Cloud is probably part of some master plan to cut overhead by substantially reducing the amount of “retail” packaged software they produce…and the inherit appeal of all the mind-boggling things one would be able to achieve as an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber is the “bait” in which they use to “hook us in” and validate their venture forecast…freakin’ awesome if you’re a stock holder…but as a lowly ol’ graphic designer, it bothers me a great deal that the software I do buy would be limited in comparison to same application available on the cloud …

…and let’s say I follow the masses and subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud…one day, half way through getting files ready hours before client’s last second deadline…a storm knocks out my internet connection…did I say HMMM?

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