Captivate Help: All Hail Lieve Weymeis aka Lilybiri

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Please note that Lieve Weymeis’s website URL has changed…please go to

Where can I possibly begin? I guess this post is the ultimate insult to the Adobe Captivate Help documentation. Figuring out how to get things done in Captivate is not so difficult if you just need the bare minimum—but if you need to do anything substantial or anything that requires any type of dynamic content, forget about it—Captivate’s help files are not the answer…you need Lilybiri!

Do a Google search for anything Captivate and 9 times out of 10 some blog post or tutorial by Lilybiri is bound to be on the first results page, if not the #1 result…

What’s a Lilybiri anyway?

Not what, but who! Her name is Lieve Weymeis…and she is, as far as my research has revealed, the primary source on how to do anything requiring variables and Advanced Actions in Adobe Captivate…and how she knows what she knows about Captivate is a mystery to me but she “is” for all intended purposes, the cornerstone of anyone in need of Captivate help.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are other sources…good ones in fact; and especially some awesome Captivate widget sites…which I’ll discuss in another post…but Lilybiri’s blog is by far at the top of the heap!

Lilybiri’s blog is at…there you’ll find Captivate information and tutorials that date back to Captivate version 4—and you have my permission to be awed by the complexity of some of the amazing things Lilybiri accomplishes in Captivate.

But let’s get to the meat of this post…Captivate sucks! And I mean that in a good way…but the bottom line is there’s too much that one can achieve with the software, but in order to so, you MUST USE VARIABLES AND ADVANCED ACTIONS. Without them, Captivate is like an assembly line car in a stock car race; but fear not—Lilybiri’s blog is the shop in which you can go to for stock car parts…

Sure, you can use Captivate to record (i.e. screen capture) and produce some great intuitive tutorial videos—which Lilybiri utilizes wonderfully, but Captivate is also a premiere quizzing tool…and yes, you can do quite a bit right out of the box…but if you need to do something complex, Captivate will give you the means to accomplish it, but no real aid on how to get it done. Which is probably why Lilybiri took it upon herself to become our reluctant hero!

Here’s a perfect example…on one of Lilybiri’s latest blog posts, she addresses this question from a Captivate user: “If I have an assessment simulation with questions and a learner must attain 80%, is it possible to set up something that stops the assessment if the learner has no chance of passing?”

I don’t know about you, but just reading that question made me take pause…but not Lilybiri! Not only does she address the question, she walks you through a scenario on how it can be done! And that post can be found at:

What really impresses me is her intimacy with the software versions…take this excerpt from that very post: “Some Quizzing system variables are important, and beware: this scenario is only possible for Captivate 5.5 because in that version those variables are updated after each Question submit. It is also possible with 5.0 but bit more cumbersome.” I mean really, how freakin’ awesome is it that she knows this?

When I entitled this post “All Hail Lieve Weymeis”…that wasn’t just an idle choice of words. Lieve Weymeis should have a sponsor that has nothing to do but produce video lessons that she writes.

…one more thing…if you’re new to Captivate, please make sure you read Lilybiri’s blogs and tutorials very carefully…some of her posts address beginner to intermediate level topics…but be careful, she also covers some really complex topics which for lack of a better way to say it, are for advanced Captivate users…so don’t be intimidated if you visit her blog and find your head spinning…just relish in the capabilities of Captivate “extended” and know Lilybiri is here!

On a personal note

In one of my previous blog posts I made reference to the lack of information available on Adobe Captivate’s Advanced Actions and how to use them…the blog itself was targeted at Adobe’s lack of documentation—not that the information wasn’t available on the web; but somehow, I wound up hurting Lilybiri.

Whether my writing was unclear or not, I’d like to extend a sincere personal apology to Lieve Weymeis, aka Lilybiri and respectfully ask her forgiveness.

What she said…

I sent Lilybiri a personal note letting her know that I published this post…and being the sweet woman she is, claimed this post was “too much praise”…and at the risk of hurting her again…I don’t believe it is…Lilybiri spends way too much time helping us get what we need…and I for one appreciate it!

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