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EB Graphic Design

Delivering creative design for more than 20 years

EB Graphic Design is a premier graphic design company for printed media with services ranging from product packaging to identity branding.

EB Graphic Design is a full-service creative design firm that specializes in print solutions to meet the challenging demands of doing business in today’s marketplace. EB Graphic Design is ideally situated to serve all types of businesses-from large corporations and government entities to small start ups and everything in between.

Whether we’re talking about graphic design for brochures, billboards or presentation folders, you only have a few seconds to catch the attention of your prospects, and we have proven time and time again that we can help our clients do exactly that.

You may have the best products in the world and provide customer service that is light years ahead of your competition, but if your image doesn’t convey that, you may never have the opportunity to prove it. We can help you overcome that by developing the visual impact that will get your message noticed; just like we’ve done for countless other clients.

We develop each project with passion, dedication and understanding. These are the ingredients that we believe are essential in any creative process to achieve successful results. We offer graphic design services that are second to none. Whether an advertisement, brochure, packaging, corporate identity, poster, presentation or anything you can imagine, we make sure that you’re 100% happy with the results. After all, our clients success is our own success.

Why do you need professional graphic design?

Most people understand the risks they face when they choose to handle their own legal or tax matters, but many don’t realize the risks that they face when they choose to handle their own graphic design. The potential pitfalls come in the form of poor first impressions, as well as lost opportunities. A professional graphic designer, on the other hand, can ensure that your marketing materials produce results and create a powerful impression.

EB Graphic Design offers a comprehensive range of layout design including:

  • Branding and re-branding
  • Brochures and media kits
  • Corporate identity and logos
  • Trade Show displays and exhibits
  • Traditional ads and ad campaigns
  • Catalogs
  • Annual reports
  • Magazine layout
  • CD/DVD packaging (single, multi-page, digi-packs, etc.)

Contacting EB Graphic Design

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EB Website Design

EB Website Design recommends Network Solutions and Just-A-Website Content Management System.

EB Website Design is a professional design company specializing in website design layout and front-end aesthetics. EB Website Design gathers all of the client’s desires, preferred color palette, content and relevant information and researches exhaustively to present the client with a draft based on target audience and usability, while incorporating as much of the clients original concepts as possible.

Back-end technologies or server-side languages are not part of the front-end or design process. Although any design mockup may display how any back-end technology will be incorporated visually, back-end technology is not to be considered part of the design process.
Back-end technologies are; but not limited to:

  • Form processing
  • E-commerce transactions
  • PHP modules, login systems, user account administration, etc.
  • Search engine optimization
  • Dynamic content

Websites that require design and back-end technologies are referred to as website development. If you need a website design and want form processing or PHP server-side language, etc.—your quote will be divided into two parts separating the design costs and back-end costs. In some cases, if the two are equally complex or simple, a single quote will include all costs.

Photographs, Logos, Images

All photographs, logos, and images intended to be used on the Website must be forwarded to EB Website Design in digital format (i.e.—JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.).

Any images forwarded that need to be scanned, edited and archived (and returned to the client within a reasonable time span, normally within 7 to 10 business days, depending on the amount of materials) will be an additional charge.

Content Submission

All content (i.e. – text that will appear on web pages) must be submitted to EB Website Design in digital format (i.e.—email, Microsoft Word, Rich Text, Notepad, etc).

All text must be edited for chronological accuracy, spelling and references. EB Website Design cannot assume what you want. Any editing needed is subject to an additional charge.

Unless otherwise authorized, any content submitted in any other form (i.e.—hand written, mailed, faxed, verbal etc.) that will need to be converted to digital format will be subject to an additional charge.

Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting

Before a Website can be viewed on the World-Wide Web, a name must be registered (i.e. – and space on a web server must be obtained to host your Website.

A web name ( can be registered on a multitude of websites nowadays. The same provider is probably able to host your site—but there are other factors to consider than the lowest price you can find on the web—i.e.-how easy will it be to get your files on the server or upgrade your package or install OpenSource apps in a single mouse click.

Web hosting varies depending on the services/options chosen and the amount of space (in Megabytes) required. Most Web hosting companies offer a package deal at a reduced price, but in most cases, the options are fixed and cannot be altered. However, the package, in most cases, may include all that you need. These package deals can range from $10.00 to whatever a month for up to gigabytes in storage space and unlimited email alias’.

If you choose Network Solutions, EB Website Design is available to assist you if you need help in deciding on a package or making choices during the package purchasing process.

Contacting EB Website Design

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Photo Editing

Photo Color Correction Sample

“A picture is worth a thousand words!”

The adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” refers to the idea that complex stories can be described with just a single still image, or that an image may be more influential than a substantial amount of text. It also aptly characterizes the goals of visualization where large amounts of data must be absorbed quickly.

…so, that being said, wouldn’t the image have to be the best it can be? Solution, image editing!

A picture of a spring can be more effective for a water purification company ad if the water were blue and not brown—and this could just be a result of too much sunlight and too clear water—where the camera is actually capturing the image as it should. But, because the water is so clear and the spring bed is so brown and the strong light from the sun is revealing all of the detail—an almost perfect image is captured. What do you do? The 12 mega pixel camera used to capture the RAW image is perfect to create a 300 dpi 24 x 30 inch ad campaign poster background—but the water is brown!

This is when you can use EB Photo Editors.

Let’s say you’re a model looking to get an eye-popping portfolio put together, but as you’re leaving the photo processing centre, a strong wind blows and the folder with all of your head shots and full figure silhouettes lands on what looks like something that fell from a hot dog; and now you’ve got the perfect image but there’s red and yellow spots on your forehead, neck and legs!

Again, this is when you can use EB Photo Editors.

And let’s not forget about the photos that mark the moments of our life! Pictures tell a story of days gone by or let one walk down memory lane. Capturing the very essence of a moment is the main objective of taking a picture in the first place; and ultimately some pictures should be preserved at any cost.

Regardless of your situation, need, endeavor or goal why not give EB’s Adobe® Certified Experts your images for editing.

Photo Editing Services include:

  • Color correction
  • Color replacement
  • Hue/saturation boost/reduction
  • Black and white conversion
  • Unwanted detail removal
  • CMYK press preparation
  • and more

Contacting EB Photo Editing

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